The Alumni Tapestry Award Winner honors an African-American Stanford GSB alumnus or alumna who has woven inspirational leadership, intellectual excellence, and service to others through his or her professional and personal life.


Rukaiyah Adams (SLS ' 99, MBA '08)

Rukaiyah Adams is the Chief Investment Officer at Meyer Memorial Trust, one of the largest charitable foundations in the Pacific Northwest. She is responsible for leading all investment activities to ensure the long-term financial strength of the organization. Throughout her tenure as CIO, Ms. Adams has delivered top quartile performance; and beginning in 2017, her team hit its stride delivering an 18.6% annual return, which placed her in top 5% of foundation and endowment CIOs. Under the leadership of Ms. Adams, Meyer increased assets managed by diverse managers by more than 3x, to 40% of all assets under management, and women managers by 10x, to 25% of AUM, proving that hiring diverse managers is not a concessionary practice.

Please help us in further recognizing and appreciating our BBSA alumni. We are proud of the great accomplishments happening across the community, and are thrilled to add a new tradition to the Gala to use the occasion to spotlight a distinguished alumni.

Kristina Omari (MBA '97)

Kristina Omari is Vice President of Corporate Development at Lyft, where she brings over 20 years of experience in corporate development, investment banking and strategy.  Joining the company in 2017, Kristina was instrumental to incubating Lyft’s Investor Relations activities and overseeing the execution of the company’s $2.5 billion IPO in March 2019.  ​As a part of executing Lyft’s IPO, Kristina was focal to the unprecedented inclusion of 14 financial advisory firms with ownership and management from underrepresented backgrounds in the investment banking syndicate.​ Kristina has a long history of community and public service, including serving as co-Chair of the BBSA Conference in 1996-97. She currently serves on the San Francisco Advisory Board for SEO Scholars, a free eight-year program that educates and mentors underserved public high school students to and through college. Kristina is also passionate about nurturing tech entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds and co-founded BuildUp, a pre-accelerator program to support them, in 2015.  

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